Client Feedback on Our Service

Feedback from our clients provides mediate393/311/47 with opportunities to learn and improve. mediate393/311/47 recognizes the right of our clients to make a complaint, compliment or make suggestions on ways to improve our services.

Feedback About Our Service to Those with Disabilities

To assist mediate393 in ensuring that the delivery of goods and service to those with disabilities is provided in an effective and timely manner, clients are invited to provide their feedback as follows:

In writing, in person, e-mail, or telephone, addressed to:

Rhodes Thompson-Chase, Accessibility Coordinator
mediate393 inc.
393 University Avenue, Suite 2000
Toronto, ON M5G 1E6
Phone: (416) 593-7100 x 243, Fax: (416) 593-1352
E-mail: [email protected]

The Accessibility Coordinator will respond either in writing, in person, e-mail or telephone acknowledging receipt of feedback and will set out the action to be taken in response to any complaints.

Feedback Generally About Our Mediation or IRC Services

  1. You may write directly to the President, Hilary Linton [email protected] or our Executive Director, Elizabeth Hyde [email protected].  Hilary or Elizabeth will respond either by email or telephone in response to your feedback.
  2. You can submit an anonymous complaint using the form below. Please note that we will not be able to respond to an anonymous complaint but your feedback will help us improve our service.
  3. Most of our professionals are also members of regulated professions, such as the Law Society of Ontario or the College of Social Workers. Our website lists our roster members’ qualifications. If you believe that the mediator or Information & Referral Coordinator violated a professional duty under the Rules of Professional Conduct of their regulating body, you may make a complaint to that body.
  4. All of our mediators and most of our Information and Referral Coordinators are certified professionals by one or more of Ontario’s Family Dispute Resolution certification bodies, which are the Ontario Association of Family Mediation; The Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario; Family Mediation Canada and/or the ADR Institute of Ontario. Our website provides the qualifications of each member of our roster where you can find out which organization certified the professional you wish to complain about. Each of these organizations has a Complaints process that you can access on their websites.
  5. You may write directly to the Ministry of the Attorney General about anything you feel warrants a complaint to the government, as our services are funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario. To do so please contact:Michelle Dwyer-Hunte.
    [email protected]


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