10 IT and Cybersecurity Tips for ADR Professionals


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Our team recently completed training with Julian Granka Ferguson and Kabilan Kana regarding IT and Cybersecurity for ADR Professionals. There are so many ways that our clients’ data could be breached. As ADR professionals, its our job to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all our clients’ information.

Here are 10 tips to ensure the security of your devices and information.

  • They are listening. Anything that has a microphone is recording you 24/7 unless the device is on airplane mode or unplugged. Amazing. You do not want this because if it gets hacked the bad guys have your voice. So just be cautious. (Alexa is the worst of course.)
  • You are being watched! Keep your camera on computers covered at all times unless you are using it and try to keep your phone camera turned down.
  • Limit camera and mic. Turn off camera, location services and mic to apps unless absolutely necessary. The setting on your phone is under Privacy, and location services. Go through each app to set the privacy and location permissions.
  • Update as soon as an update is available. There are just so many malicious things in circulation now. Most bad viruses launch over holidays.  Get into the habit of checking your operating system, and apps like Microsoft, Zoom etc. for updates after weekends and just all the time.  
  • Keep things separate. Use one “junk” email for things like buying stuff online, registering or signing up for things— and save your important work email for work. This would mean changing accounts, but it is probably a good idea.
  • Keep an eye on your social networks. Linked In is used by many criminals for social engineering, so be careful how much info you make publicly available. Hide your profile except to your connections; and do not accept connections from people unless you are 100% sure they are a real person.
  • Time for an upgrade? If your computer cannot be updated, e.g.  the operating system is not supported, or you cannot download the latest security updates, get a new computer.
  • Check your browser settings. In your browser settings, check your privacy settings. They say you should keep JavaScript disabled, and just enable it when needed. You will need it for many sites, but you can disable it again after use. Many malicious things come through JavaScript being kept enabled in your browser.
  • Don’t panic. If you get a message that is asking you to do something urgent, assume it is malicious. Even if it isn’t, never rush or act in panic.
  • Back it up. Back up weekly with an external hard drive that is encrypted (password protected).

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