Interview with the Khalil Center


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I had the pleasure to interview Kashmala Qasim, a PhD candidate in History, Theory and Critical Psychology and Operations Manager with the Khalil Center.

Khalil Center is a psychological and spiritual community wellness center advancing the professional practice of psychology rooted in Islamic principles. The center works to address the widespread prevalence of social, psychological, familial, relational and spiritual issues of Muslim communities.

The Khalil Center offers families a variety of services and programs designed to help Muslim families in their everyday lives. They utilize faith-based approaches rooted in Islamic theological concepts while integrating the science of psychology towards addressing psychological, spiritual and communal health.

At the Khalil Center, families can access a wide range of services, including individual and family counselling, marriage and couples counselling, parenting classes, and support groups. The individual and family counselling services provided by the Khalil Center are tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. They offer a variety of approaches to counselling, from cognitivebehavioral therapy to family systems therapy. Counsellors can help families with issues such as communication problems, conflict resolution, and parenting skills.

The marriage and couples counselling services are designed to help couples strengthen their relationship and improve their communication. Counsellors use a variety of approaches to help couples increase their understanding of each other and learn how to work together to solve problems. Khalil Center also offers parenting classes to help families learn effective parenting strategies. These classes cover topics such as discipline, communication, and setting boundaries.

With their divorce mediation services, a trained, neutral, Islamically-trained psychotherapist and mediator helps the couple come to an agreement surrounding four main issues – division of assets, spousal support, child custody, and child support. Once the mediation process is complete, the Khalil Center therapists can provide further guidance in therapy for divorcing/divorced couples to co-parent in a manner that is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Overall, the Khalil center is an invaluable resource for the Muslim community. Learn more by visiting their website:

Family Law Information Centres (FLIC)

You can learn much more about available services, mediation, court process, separation, divorce and the law by visiting us at one of our Family Law Information Centres (FLIC).


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