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By: Alisha Cater-Benavides, Chavelle Sheckleford & Preeti Asthana

The Family Intake office is the central hub, where clients can file family law documents, speak to Family law clerks for support, get sworn documents, pick up divorce certificates and much more. Mediate393 Information Referral Coordinators work very closely with the Family Intake Office and most recently had the opportunity to shadow and learn from behind the scenes.

The primary purpose of shadowing was to understand better the filing procedures of Family law documents, the frequent needs of the public, how to fill out court forms correctly and what accompanying documents are needed to fulfill the Ministry requirements upon submission. The knowledge and experience gained working with the Law Clerks gave IRCs a better understanding of how to serve the public and answer common questions raised in the Family Law Information Centre (FLIC).

An example of what one of our IRCs learned through the shadowing experience was how Motions are completed and filed. This process can include one or more of the following Forms 14, 14A, 14B and 15, along with knowing when the particular form is necessary and how it must be appropriately filled out, depending on the matter.

The FLIC and Family Intake Office often work together to support clients. The IRCs in the FLIC need to have the proper knowledge to be able to create a fluid experience for the public. The simplicity in vetting the Family Intake Line to make sure individuals are in the right office, looking over court forms and making sure all documents are complete properly or providing resources to clients can save time for both the Family Intake Office and the public.

Court processes are constantly updating and evolving to serve the public better. The opportunity to shadow and learn from The Family Intake Office keeps IRC’s knowledge of court procedures up to date. We look forward to further opportunities where we can continue to learn from the Intake Office Staff and grow in our role as Information Referral Coordinators.

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