What Our Clients Say

I am very grateful to Mediate393, all the staff here is extremely kind and professional… Alicia, you are an extraordinary person, you took the time out of your break to patiently explain over and over to me what needs to be done, step by step, as I am a person with a disability, I suffer with an anxiety and panic attacks, filing papers sometimes is very challenging and stressful for me, but you made me feel comfortable. Thank you again, I highly recommend Mediate393, they are all positive and pleasant people, who will go an extra mile to help you!

Just a while ago I went to court to file for simple divorce. Alisha helped me in this case with literally everything from providing me with all the information I needed to helping me fill out the forms to being kind enough to understand how overwhelming and difficult this procedure can be. She’s amazing at her job, hope she gets to help more people like this.

“My mediator was very helpful when it came to de-escalating conflict everytime it started. When it came to figuring out the schedule she was very fair and clearly had child’s best interest at mind. Very thankful.”

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the mediation. It broke down walls that were there for years and is the right step towards our future. Pamela and Raheena made this possible and mediate393.”

“Mediation was good. They were fast. Mediator was very nice.”

“(Mediator) was very helpful and very happy that he was also concerned for my safety and was able to give me a head start to leave. Very knowledgeable and I am very grateful. Thank you.”

“Thank you again for helping us come to an agreement! You guys were both phenomenal. We actually gave each other a hug after the session.”

“Your service is really appreciated. The mediator made a lot of efforts to help us to come to the agreement. Thank you.”

“This program is a big help to a family and a great way for the children to get better help.”

“Overall it was a good experience. I was happy to hear that my mediator was also a family lawyer so I knew he had knowledge of family law rules.”

“The experience was very helpful and help me to get my point across and my needs identified for the other party to see the immediate needs facing our children. I strongly recommend all parties to have this service first.”

“Caroline and Joanna were helpful and professional. Any lack of progress in our session was caused by reluctance on the part of both parents.”

“The mediator was very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. She was great!!!”

“The mediators helped moderate difficulties in communication on topics of separation. Thank you for the interest in my input on the survey.”

“Mediation should be mandatory. It helps a lot.”

“Very competent staff, very pleased with outcome.”

“We’ve had a very difficult, protracted time working out issues- more than 4 years. The mediator that helped us today was particularly skilled at helping high conflict cases. She’s helped right our ship.”

“Very helpful. “

“I thank you for making this difficult time more bearable with your empathy and kind demeanor.”

“This was a very productive way to finally settle our issues without need to go to court. Thank you for an effective, productive way to settle our issues and finally reach an agreement. Our mediator was wonderful! She came up with a creative solution to what may have been a stale-mate.”

“Everything was good no complaints and the mediator worked with us regarding what is better for the child.”

“I would like to thank you again for the mediation. Big thanks to (the mediator) for your expertise in family law.”

“The staff worked hard on trying to get a positive outcome. I felt the staff had great listening skills.”

“This is a great service and I wish we had done it sooner.”

“The mediators are very considerate. Thank you!”

“Friendly environment, great alternative to the courtroom.”

“Mediation was very helpful and I can’t imagine coming to this agreement in a more peaceful way considering the conflicts involved in separation.”

“I felt very safe during the process, our mediator and intern were calm and reassuring but also knowledgeable.”

“Mediator was very prepared and professional and took time to clearly explain the process.” “Mediation gave us a great opportunity to settle our differences and compromise our problems.”

“I did the MIP session…and Kerri-Ann did a fantastic job organizing everyone and everything (including organizing me), introducing me, etc. She has a great attitude, she is personable, and she is very professional.”

“In the past year and a half I’ve dealt with FLIC and now Mediate393 and am so utterly satisfied with the level of respect, kindness and service I have received from the IRC and the mediator. I know that each of them have dealt with many questions and repetitions of varies stories and experiences of families in past years yet as they were speaking with me, I was made to feel as if it was their first time also. No condescension, no impatience with what would probably have been the thousandth time they’ve been approached with those same questions. ”

“I would like to thank you again for the mediation. Big thanks to [the mediator] for your expertise in family law.”

“Great experience, talked about real issues for the first time in years. Thank you.”

“Our assigned mediator was particularly effective in helping reach a solution.”

“[Our mediator] was empathetic, insightful, helpful, creative, facilitated a fair and balanced solution that was in the best interest of the children.”

“Less intimidating, more impartial, free!”

“Very valuable service on many levels. Highly recommended.”

“I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the MIP session I attended. I found this session very informative and it touched my heart. The presentation was excellent and simplified so that I was able to understand. In addition, the information provided was spot on. The presenters were relaxed and provided the answers I have been asking myself all along.”

“Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your efforts today—the parties did eventually reach a consent, and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without your assistance. I appreciated your calm and reasonable approach. Hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!”

I think any party that comes to family court should do mediation, it helps.

Mediation is helpful to raise concerns of both parties.

It is a great opportunity for both parties to solve the problem on same day.

Friendly environment, great alternative to the courtroom.

Mediation greatly helped to resolve our issues in a reasonable manner.

Thank you! Your mediation service was greatly appreciated. Great job.

Mediator was very impressive. Thank you.

The ladies that worked with us were absolutely amazing. God bless them and their kind hearts.

Mediation gave us a great opportunity to settle our differences and compromise our problems.

Good opportunity to bring forth concerns in a comfortable and open way. Overall a great experience and felt good about moving forward.

The process was respectful and professional.

Mediation is helpful to raise concerns of both parties.

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