Off-site mediation

“Off-site Mediation” is subsidized family mediation and can be accessed anyone in the GTA if you do not you have an active court case. If you do have an active court case, please refer to the On-Site family mediation tab.

Mediation is a voluntary process between two parties who wish to negotiate matters related to family law. The mediator serves as an impartial third party who facilitates the negotiation between both parties.

Off-site Mediation is subsidized by the Government of Ontario and the fees for Off-site Mediation are based on income. Our fee schedule can be found here.

Fee Schedule

Our Mediators include family lawyers, social workers, mental health professionals and financial professionals.

We mediate:

  • child support
  • spousal support
  • parenting agreements
  • decisions about a child’s school or place of residence
  • changing or ending support
  • support arrears
  • income determination
  • financial statement and disclosure issues
  • property division
  • grandparent access
  • family disputes impacted by culture, gender, same-sex, transgender and multiple parent issues.
  • and other issues

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Very valuable service on many levels. Highly recommended.

Great experience, talked about real issues for the first time in years. Thank you.

[Our mediator] was empathetic, insightful, helpful, creative, facilitated a fair and balanced solution that was in the best interest of the children.

Our assigned mediator was particularly effective in helping reach a solution.

What lawyers say

We had an extremely positive experience in mediation today… We were addressing child and spousal support and equalization. The support issues were difficult… we were not optimistic going in. In his quiet manner, with the right degree of humour, our mediator got us through to a resolution on all the issues. Everyone left with smiles!

I want to thank [our mediator] and [the intern] for conducting the mediation session so wonderfully. Things have gotten better between the two of us since we filed for divorce. We are feeling a relief that comes after being on battle ground so long. Now we can relax and move forward.

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