On-site mediation: same day or scheduled, no cost.

If both parties want to try to reach an agreement, we offer mediation on, before or after their scheduled court date. Your mediator is a skilled and neutral professional who will work with both parties to help them reach agreements.

It is available for:

  • first appearance
  • motions
  • conferences
  • pre-trials
  • trials
  • Dispute Resolution Officer meetings (in the SCJ)


  • financial disclosure
  • temporary or final parenting schedules, decisions and communication issues
  • temporary or final child support
  • special expenses for children
  • travel and mobility issues
  • temporary spousal support
  • simple property issues
  • any other matters referred by the court, lawyers or parties.


Hybrid services: we offer online mediation using Zoom or in-person mediation in the Family Law Information Centres in each court.

You can be referred to onsite mediation by the first appearance clerk, a judge or a lawyer.

You can also choose to mediate without any referral.

Mediation is voluntary; you can attend the intake meeting and then decide whether you want to continue.

We will meet each of you first to confirm that your matter is appropriate for onsite mediation.

If the mediation does not proceed, neither party will be blamed for that decision.

Your lawyer is welcome at onsite mediation but you do not need a lawyer to participate.

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If you have any questions about mediation, legal resources, or anything at all, please contact one of our Information Referral Coordinators. They can walk you through the process.

311 Jarvis: [email protected]

47 Sheppard: [email protected]

361 University: [email protected]

Our IRCs can also assist with:

  • domestic violence resource referrals
  • legal advice referrals
  • information on the court process
  • mental health resource referrals
  • information on Legal Aid Ontario

On-site service is excellent… Able to make decisions more quickly than through the court

Less intimidating, more impartial, free!

Thank you! Your mediation service was greatly appreciated. Great job

Thank you so much for all you have done. This is the way it should be versus going to court

Family Law Information Centres (FLIC)

You can learn much more about available services, mediation, court process, separation, divorce and the law by visiting us at one of our Family Law Information Centres (FLIC).


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