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Mediator-in-Training Internship Experience

Written by: Sari Goldman, MSW, RSW, AccFM Having completed all required course work through Riverdale Mediation, there was no question I hoped for an internship with the organization. Through the courses I realized how aligned my background and interests were with Riverdale, especially with my background in mental health and intimate partner violence. As a…

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A Wake-Up Call for Family Mediators!

By: Toronto Family Mediation Services President Hilary Linton   We have come across an unreported decision from 2019 that we think all mediators should read. In Arbuckle v Arbuckle (2019 ONSC 7453), Ms. Arbuckle sought a copy of the mediator’s notes. She took the position that the parties had reached an agreement in mediation and that…

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Negotiating During Your Mediation Series - Part 2

By: TFMS Mediator Raheena Dahya This series is designed to provide you with some tips and activities to assist you in preparing for your family law mediation. Get To ‘Yes’ With Yourself William Ury, one of the most preeminent writers on negotiation theory and tactics, describes how to use negotiation tactics with yourself before you…

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From The Case Law: Tips for Family Lawyers and Mediators

Hilary Linton, Toronto Family Mediation Services (mediate393) and Riverdale Mediation In a recent decision by Justice Kiteley on a motion by the Respondent for retroactive and ongoing child support inter alia,  several key principles emerged that are worth noting for mediators and lawyers alike. Aside from the fact that the case features a lawyer with…

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TFMS Mediator Raheena Dahya Recommends Her Favourite Mental Health Reads

Alex, administrative assistant of Toronto Family Mediation Services, interviewed TFMS roster mediator Raheena Dahya, the author of our Mediating With Your Mental Health In Mind Blog for Mental Health week. Alex: It’s mental health week!  You’re known for always being up to discuss mental health; and you author the Mediating With Your Mental Health in…

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Supervised Access Update From the Information & Referral Coordinator (IRC)

By Hayley MacPhail As the Information and Referral Coordinator we hear many stories of parents who have not been able to see their children due to the Covid-19 shutdown of supervised centres.  After a year of no parenting time with their children, parents, the majority of them fathers, fear their absence will have long-term detrimental…

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Family Law Information Centres (FLIC)

You can learn much more about available services, mediation, court process, separation, divorce and the law by visiting us at one of our Family Law Information Centres (FLIC)


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