What Makes Parenting Coordination Work Well?










by Lindsay Kertland

Parenting coordination (PC) is a dispute resolution process for parents who have a parenting plan in place and need help communicating with each other, interpreting the details of their plan and working through disagreements about it.

Often a PC can help parents agree in a simple meeting to review the language of their parenting plan, working through possible interpretations and agreeing on what makes the most sense.

Where an impasse is reached, the PC changes hats and, through a more structured arbitration process, makes a detailed and binding decision that provides parents with clear guidance for resolving future disputes.

PC can thus be highly effective. The parents have the opportunity to resolve disputes as they arise, and in a confidential and private manner. (Parenting Coordination at Riverdale is private and confidential; not all PCs offer a confidential service. Parents and their lawyers should discuss the PC Agreement terms to be sure the terms are what they are expecting.)

The parenting coordinator therefore works closely with the parents, providing coaching, mediation, and if a resolution is not reached,  the parents then each try to persuade the PC to agree with them through the submission of evidence and argument,  resulting in a decision that binds both parents.

In many cases, the PC process can, for both parents, be far preferable to going to court for day-to-day disagreements. With a two-year term (the standard term of a PC Agreement), parents have access to a professional who is committed to supporting them and their children with empathy, a structured process and a dedication to hearing from all parties, including the children where appropriate.

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