Toronto Family Mediation Services Announces Partnership with the Family Justice Centre


Toronto’s family information and mediation service provider, Toronto Family Mediation Services (TFMS) is launching a partnership with the Family Justice Centre (FJC).

This partnership provides streamlined access to legal support for qualified family mediation clients who do not have lawyers.

A New Approach to Legal Assistance for Unrepresented Litigants and Separating Couples

TFMS provides free mediation on-site, either in person or virtually, for litigants in Toronto’s three family law courts.

It also provides online or in-person subsidized (off-site) mediation for separating couples who do not have a court file or those who need a more comprehensive mediation service.

The FJC provides free summary legal advice and court form drafting services to unrepresented family law litigants across Ontario.

Through its fully virtual legal clinics, experienced family lawyers volunteer to oversee law students in the delivery of unbundled legal services to individuals who do not qualify for legal aid but cannot afford a lawyer.

Two Pathways for Legal Support

FJC offers two options for parties using court-connected mediation services:

  1. Referral from the Information and Referral Coordinator (IRC) in the Court’s Family Law Information Centre: For parties seeking summary legal advice or document drafting assistance before or separate from mediation, the IRC will provide the FJC’s website and phone number to contact for an intake. The FJC’s streamlined intake process ensures that those in need can easily connect with the legal assistance they require, promoting the timely resolution of their legal matters.


  1. Referral from onsite or offsite mediation:The FJC has tailored a referral pathway designed to expedite access to legal advice during or after mediation proceedings. Mediators will work closely with FJC personnel to ensure eligible parties in mediation can access the support they need before, during and after mediation sessions.


More About FJC and TFMS

PBSC’s Family Justice Centre is a first-of-its-kind initiative that engages family lawyers and law students from across the province to provide free, virtual family law support to Ontarians, when and where they need it.

“As we work to address the longstanding gaps in Ontario’s family justice system, innovation and collaboration between service providers is a necessity,” says Jason Goodman, Director, Family Justice at PBSC. “The new partnership between the FJC and TFMS allows us to leverage our areas of expertise to provide continuity of service and reach more people with impactful support for their case.”

Toronto Family Mediation Services, funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, delivers family law mediation and information services at the Family Law Information Centres at 361 University Ave, 47 Sheppard Ave E. and 311 Jarvis St.

“Ontario provides excellent free mediation services for family litigants through programs like ours and others across the province”, says Hilary Linton, President of TFMS. “But finding accessible legal advice on mediated agreements has always been our #1 challenge. This partnership with FJC will go a long way towards addressing that problem.”

For more information contact:

Family Justice Centre: Jason Goodman,, 416-946-0519,

TFMS (mediate393 inc): Hilary Linton,, 416-593-5393,

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